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Seventh season of ‘Princess Wencheng’ staged on Apr. 20

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年04月24日 09:39

The seventh season of "Princess Wencheng" Tibetan culture legendary opera has been staged on Apr. 20, 2019. Besides the innovation in story plot and cultural elements, an upgrading of equipment has helped presenting a brand new Tibetan cultural art performance. 

Sherab Phuntsog, born in 1990, has played in "Princess Wencheng" for almost 6 years. He is good at playing TIbetan opera and other Tibetan intangible culture heritages. Because of his excellent performance, he is also in charge of the training of new actors. Now, he plays 7 parts in the play. 

25-year-old Sonam plays as a follower of Lu Dongzan who is the messenger of Tibet in "Princess Wencheng". He is also an actor in “Princess Jincheng” (an indoor historical opera). "At first, I wanted to major in performance when I went to a vocational school, however my parents didn’t agree with me, therefore I studied agriculture.” Sonam said. Although he doesn't get the support from his parents, Sonam still remains to his original aspiration and gives up other job opportunities.

"We spent so much time on collecting the most original Tibetan folk elements, and integrated the quintessential into 'Princess Wencheng'. Therefore, the play involves traditional Tibetan folk culture and Tibetan intangible culture heritages. Now, the seventh season of 'Princess Wencheng' has been staged. We come back to our funding aspiration and add more Tibetan original cultural elements. We make innovations in the prelude and 5 chapters. I believe that in this year, season 7 will present a stunning visual experience for the audience." said Bai Ji.

"Princess Wencheng" Tibetan Culture Legendary Opera is a fruit of the development and prosperity of Tibetan culture. As a brand new poster of Tibetan cultural tourism, "Princess Wencheng" shows the new look of Tibet and the growth of Tibetan culture. At the same time, the opera plays an important role in driving both social and economic growth. It makes contributions in targeted poverty alleviation and helps forge a well-off society in Lhasa.     

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