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Lhasa will compile a Tibetan-Chinese bilingual "Lhasa Intangible Cultural Heritage Encyclopedia"

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月29日 09:55

According to the Bureau of Culture in Lhasa City, capital of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, recently, Lhasa will organize experts to compile and publish Tibetan-Chinese bilingual "Lhasa Intangible Cultural Heritage Encyclopedia" (including representative project and inheritor volumes), so as to consolidate results of Lhasa's intangible cultural heritage survey of the past 14 years, comprehensively display Lhasa's intangible cultural heritage resources, as well as let more people know about Lhasa intangible cultural heritages and actively participate in its inheritance.

According to the bureau, "Lhasa Intangible Cultural Heritage Encyclopedia" will introduce representative projects and inheritors of intangible cultural heritage above city-level one by one in the form of entries. Relying on text description and picture presentation, it will combine traditional publishing with digital publishing to provide the most powerful archive data for Lhasa's intangible cultural heritage.

Representative project volume of the encyclopedia will incorporate intangible cultural heritage representative projects' category, distribution area, historical origin, basic content, main characteristics, activation characteristics, inheritance, current situation, selected time as well as other basic information in detailed Tibetan and Chinese. Besides, it will choose each project's photos of activity place and relevant appliance, as well as introduce relevant representative inheritors and their brief introduction, inheritance pedigree, current situation, representative skills, imparting skills, works pictures, etc.

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