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"Jincheng Princess", a companion piece of "Princess Wencheng"

By Zhi Xinhua, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月29日 17:15

Recently, "Princess Wencheng", large-scale epic drama of Tibetan culture (season 7),has just come to an end. This year, "Princess Wencheng" has been played a total of 189 times, seeing the record high in the number of visitors and box office.

With the promotion of "Winter Tour to Tibet· sharing the third pole of the earth" activity, winter tourism of Tibet is booming. "Jincheng Princess", another epic drama of Tibetan culture, not only shows the innovative development of Tibetan culture and art in the new era, but also enriches the tourism products.

"Jincheng Princess" has been widely acknowledged by citizens and tourists since it was premiered in August, 2019. The opera shows Tibetan culture and art in all fronts, and plays a significant role in protection, inheritance and innovation of China's traditional culture. It has become a new card for presenting Tibet’s development.

Starting from November 1, "Jincheng Princess" will be played at 8:00 p.m. from every Tuesday to Sunday in "JIncheng Princess" Theater of Tibet Culture & Tourism Creative Park. The dramatic plot with beautiful singing is predicted to give visitors another new experience.

"Jingcheng Princess" is played indoors, which breaks the barriers caused by highland climate and injects vitality to Lhasa's full-time tourism. "Jincheng Princess", a companion piece of "Princess Wencheng", will make great contributions to the regional cultural and economic development.

What's more, "Jingcheng Princess" is also beneficial for the local income growth. The opera creates more than 700 stable jobs and over 2,000 indirect positions for local farmers and herdsmen. In addition, it offers more than 100 positions for impoverished relocated people living in Tibet Culture & Tourism Creative Park, further promoting the targeted poverty alleviation.

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