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Developing Pure Land Health Industry in Chushur County

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-12-03

Tseyang, a person in charge of Caina Pure Land Health Industrial Park of Chushur County said that, development can increase people's income and help them get out of poverty and become rich. In recent years, according to the local industrial characteristics, Tibetan museum of agriculture and Tibetan medicine as well as supermarkets of agriculture and animal husbandry, etc, have been built in the park which is a place for leisure tourism including appreciating the flowers, demonstration of agricultural science and technology, planting Tibetan medicine and picking organic agricultural products, and has expanded the channels for farmers and herdsmen to increase their income.

The Caina Pure Land Health Industrial Park focuses on the integration of production, learning, research and tourism. The A Park of Phase I project, covering an area of 500 mu (1 acre= 6.0702846 mu), is the demonstration zone of Lhasa Pure Land Health Industry. It has experimentally planted and popularized more than 40 cash crops, including Maca, chrysanthemum, rose, grape, astragalus, angelica sinensis, and so on, and it has become the first pilot area in Tibet Autonomous Region to concentrate on the trial planting and popularization of new products. At the same time, the B Park of Phase I project, covering an area of 2,000 mu, is the flower planting center and modern science and technology park. The second phase of the project covers an area of over 16,000 mu, which is mainly used for dairy cow breeding, organic fertilizer processing, economic forest and Tibetan medicinal materials planting.

Constructing characteristic industrial system promotes industrial poverty alleviation in Chushur County. At present, with the continuous development of Caina Pure Land Healthy Industrial Park, it has transformed the people's livelihood industry into the prosperous industry, constantly moved forward to the goal of revitalizing Chushur County through industry and tourism. According to statistics, in 2017, the output value of the Pure Land Health Industry reached 1.5 billion yuan, 800 farmers and herdsmen were trained, and the Tibetan chicken breeding cooperatives, dairy cow breeding cooperatives and planting cooperatives were continuously developed. So far, the Pure Land Health Industry has provided more than 2,000 jobs for poor farmers and herdsmen, and the average annual income of farmers and herdsmen has increased by 15,000 yuan. Drolkar, a worker of Caina Pure Land Health Industrial Park, said that, her daily job was picking rose petals, which was very easy, and she can earn 3000 yuan a month.

Besides, in addition to the construction of facilities in the park, Caina Pure Land Health Industrial Park also relies on the unique advantages of unpolluted water, soil, air and human environment to vigorously develop the characteristic breeding industry on the plateau and valley characteristic planting industry, which have achieved remarkable results. In 2016, two dairy farms with 500 cows and 300 cows were built respectively at railway station of Dagdong Town and Chelung Village, and cows were raised by planting forage grass, Tseyang said. At the same time, the park has accelerated the breeding of Tibetan black chickens, Tibetan Ma-chickens and other special excellent breeds. At present, there are 7 Tibetan chicken breeding areas in Chushur County, and the Tibetan eggs in Dagar Town and Carag Town have been put on the market in an all-round way and are in situation of short supply.

Since this year, Caina Pure Land Health Industrial Park has continued to make steady progress in the construction and development of Tibetan medicinal materials planting base, hired a number of Tibetan medicinal materials experts, and trained more than 30 local experts. It has also fully played the leading role of Caina Town, and promoted the planting of 21 varieties of Tibetan medicinal materials, including costusroot, angelica sinensis, medlar as well as crocus sativus in Chushur County, totaling over 10,600 mu. Meanwhile, it has strove to build plateau flower planting base, introduced and planted tulip, lily, gladiolus, hyacinth, narcissus and other flowers, totaling more than 1,800 mu. In addition, 220 mu of sieva beans, 100 mu of broussonetia papyriferas, 50 mu of medlars, 30 mu of chrysanthemum and 0.5 mu of hollyhocks have been planted in the park, and the grape and rose industries have also been developed continuously.

Nowadays, the development of characteristic industries in Chushur County is booming. By advocating the development of characteristic industries and the industrial development pattern of producing characteristic products, Chushur County takes the Tibetan medicine industry as the leading industry, and develops industries including food and beverage, medicine, jewelry and ornaments with independent intelligent property rights and the sales volume reached 13 million yuan in 2017, which promoted poverty alleviation. Combining the advantages of geographical and resource advantages, Chushur County develops pure land industries, and extends the processing industry chain, which lifts poor households out of poverty, Tseyang said. At present, the target of realizing the output value of 1 billion yuan in 2016 has been achieved, and in the next step, the park will strive to achieve the output value of 5 billion yuan by 2020. [Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan]

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