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Qonggyai's 1st Party member e-commerce service point opened

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月26日 09:44


Photo shows Padma Chozom, a sales and customer service worker, receiving orders at the Party member e-commerce service point -- "Yarlung Youxuan" Wechat Mall in Qonggyai Town of Qonggyai County. [Photo/Chogyal]


Photo shows Padma Chozom (R1) delivers goods to customers at Qonggyai County's post office. [Photo/Chogyal]

On November 11, a Party member e-commerce service point -- "Yarlung Youxuan" Wechat Mall was officially opened in Qonggyai Town of Qonggyai County, Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, becoming the first of its kind in this county. It not only helps local farmers and herdsmen sell agricultural products, but also provides customers with QR code scanning shopping, home delivery and other services.


Photo shows purely handmade "Chamchen" highland barley wine of Chamchen Highland Barley Wine Brewing Specialized Cooperative of Qonggyai County. [Photo/Chogyal]


Photo shows buckwheat products of Jiangse Agricultural Products Cooperative in Xasoi Town, Qonggyai County. [Photo/Chogyal]

"During first week of trial operation, over 20 deals have been made, with a transaction amount reaching 10,000 yuan RMB." Padma Chozom says. According to Tenzin Wangdu, secretary of the Party committee of Qonggyai Township, this online sales platform is a bran-new carrier integrating browsing, sales and after-sales services. Its offline exhibition hall displays 6 categories including over 70 kinds of agricultural and animal products and handicrafts of farmers and herdsmen's specialized cooperatives in the whole county; besides, the offline exhibition hall is equipped sales and customer service personnel. "Yarlung Youxuan" will effectively increase the popularity of agricultural and animal products as well as local handicrafts, expand display platforms and sales channels, and increase sales volume, so as to further consolidate the whole county's poverty alleviation effect.

Qonggyai's special geographical advantage and profound cultural background have incubated many characteristic folk handicrafts and unique local agricultural products, including Qonggyai "Duoji" wrought iron products, "Qiongyu" crystal, "Dawa Drolma" clothing, "Chamchen" highland barley wine, "Yarlung Ajia" colza oil, "Bazhayi" yoghurt, "Riwo Dechen" Tibetan incense, "Jixiang Hailuo" buckwheat, "Gyaimain" potato, "Debuling" Tibetan egg and so on.


Photo shows wrought iron products of Dorje Wrought Iron Cooperative in Dechen Village, Lhayu Town of Qonggyai County. [Photo/Chogyal]


Photo shows Tibetan boots of Dawa Drolma Ethnic Handicraft Cooperative of Qonggyai County. [Photo/Chogyal]

Now, all these local characteristic products are able to be found on "Yarlung Youxuan". Currently, there are 68 farmers and herdsmen's specialized cooperatives in the county, producing and processing more than 100 kinds of agricultural and special local products, with an annual gross product over 9.9 million yuan RMB.

"Most cooperatives are located at remote areas, with single sales channels and limited information sources, which limits their further development and growth, and hinders farmers and herdsmen from getting rid of poverty. It's hoped that "Yarlung Youxuan" can bring agricultural and special local products outside," says Sonam Tashi, a statistician from Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau in Qonggyai County, who is working on relevant statistics about farmers & herdsmen's specialized cooperatives.


Photo shows "Gyaimain" Tibetan carpets knitted by Hongxing Farmers and Herdsmen's Specialized Cooperative in Gyaimain Town, Qonggyai County. [Photo/Chogyal]

"Our company is far away from the county seat and urban area. Previously, Colza oil we produced was only sold to the county center, Zetang Town, Lhasa City and other nearby places. Now, we join the town's e-commerce service point for free, which not only shortens transaction time and long distance, but also greatly reduces the cost." Thubten Kelzang, the head of Shannan City's Yarlung Ajia Green Food Co., Ltd., says excitedly.


Photo shows a model holding "Bazhayi" yoghurt of Sailong Cooperative of Gyaimain Town, Qonggyai County. [Photo/Chogyal]


Photo shows "Dawa Drolma" clothing of Dawa Drolma Ethnic Handicraft Cooperative of Qonggyai County. [Photo/Alun]

Dorje Wrought Iron Cooperative in Dechen Village, Lhayu Town of Qonggyai County was established in 2001 by Dorje, a regional model worker and a foregoer leading villagers to get rich. His cooperative produces and sells over 100 kinds of products, such as local exquisite pure hand carved iron tourism commodities, farming tools, pendants, Tibetan knives, etc. Up to now, the cooperative has trained 11 technical workers; all of whom have gotten rid of poverty. moreover,3 of them have set up their own small wrought iron workshops. Dorje introduces that they sell the cooperative's products online through "Yarlung Youxuan", which not only increases sales, but also help poor households to get rid of poverty stably.

"Although these agricultural products only account for a small proportion of the whole transaction volume of 'Yarlung Youxuan', we will continue to develop it, and co-operate with China's major websites such as China Post, Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, etc., to expand sales channels and promote these agricultural products to a bigger market, through constructing this e-commerce platform." Tenzin Wangdu says.

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