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Namkha Tsewang's entrepreneurial story

By Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月29日 09:38

In 2013, Namkha Tsewang returned to Qamdo, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region and engaged in various jobs after graduating from Suzhou. However, he finally chose to make Tibetan incense in Buxu Village, Marri Town, Lhorong County, Qamdo City.

"I saw my grandfather make Tibetan incense when I was a child, but later my father failed to inherit the Tibetan incense making craftsmanship due to my family's financial difficulties," says Namkha Tsewang. The scene of grandfather making Tibetan incense has been imprinted on his mind. In order to inherit his grandfather's last wish, he decided to start a business making Tibetan incense.

Although he has a preliminary idea, it isn't easy to establish a Tibetan incense factory. After systematic learning on making Tibetan incense in Lhasa, Namkha Tsewang still faces a major problem: many villagers lack confidence in industrial poverty alleviation and have backward ideas. To mobilize local villagers to join in, he persuades them many times, which changes their thoughts gradually.

With the strong support of county Party committee and the county government of Lhorong, Namkha Tsewang has a workshop of 70 m². The county's Human Resources and Social Security Bureau also provides him with 50,000 yuan RMB of start-up capital and 15,000 yuan RMB of water and electricity subsidies. Besides, he raises 150,000 yuan RMB to purchase 2 sets of second-hand Tibetan incense production equipment. In May 2018, he led 3 villagers to officially open Gyasa Tibetan Incense Making Factory.

At the beginning of the factory, Namkha Tsewang insists on purchasing raw materials of Tibetan incense, compounding proportion of raw materials, and checking each link again and again by himself to ensure product quality.

Namkha Tsewang says,"Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lhorong County displays our products in the employment service hall to make initial publicity for us." In addition, in order to expand the market, he rushes around to promote Tibetan incense.

In only half a year, Gyasa Tibetan Incense Making Factory has a net income of nearly 50,000 yuan RMB. At the end of 2018, Namkha Tsewang distributed 3,000 yuan RMB of welfare and 1,000 yuan RMB of living materials to each employee after reserving development fund for the next year. In February 2019, the factory added 2 sets of equipment, and recruited 2 registered poor households.

"When the factory develops better, I will encourage more villagers to participate, increase the output value, and expand sales channels through e-commerce platform to increase their income." Namkha Tsewang says confidently.

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