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Featured Industries increase local income

By Liu Fang Source:China Tibet News 2021年07月21日 09:40

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In recent years, the innovation of agricultural science and technology has injected a strong impetus to the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Dagze District of Lhasa City.  Photo shows Tashi Dundrup, head of Agricultural Technology Extension Station in Dagze District of Lhasa City, inspecting the growing situation of highland barley in the field. By Peicong, Kelsang Lundrup

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Nyemo County of Lhasa City has been consolidating poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, relying on its resource advantages and taking measures in line with local conditions, to drive local farmers and herdsmen to continue to increase their income. Photo shows local people doing farm work in a big peach planting base in Kharu Township of Nyemo County. By Peicong, Kelsang Lundrup

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Nyingchi City has vigorously developed the tea industry to boost rural revitalization. Tea planting makes people live a good life, and green tea leaves have become the "gold leaves" to bring income. Photo shows people picking tea leaves in Baibung Township, Medog County, Nyingchi City. By Kelsang Jigme

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Lhozhag County of Shannan City has improved the raising methods of Tibetan chickens to improve feed efficiency and egg production. Photo shows the staff of Tsemai Tibetan Chicken Breeding Professional Cooperative in Lhozhag County feeding Tibetan chickens with yellow mealworms.  By Tang Bin, Tsewang

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Qamdo City continues to improve the level of agricultural science and technology, and has established a smart greenhouse planting base. Photo shows a corner of the smart greenhouse.  Provided by Qamdo Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

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