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Padma Yangjen guides people get rich

By Zhi Xinghua, Hu Wen Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月15日 16:22

Padma Yangjen, director of the Women's Federation of Chongsar Town, Gongbogyamda County, Nyingchi City, has been a deputy to the People's Congress of Tibet Autonomous Region for three years. As a grassroots deputy, she prepares a proposal on strengthening technical training in grassroots cooperatives, so as to train more skilled women.

Since 2014, Padma Yangjenhas weaved Pulu (a kind of woolen fabric handmade by the Tibetan people) together with several womenin the village. However the production could only meet their own needs.

Since 2015,Padma Yangjen has come up with an idea to establish the women's Pulu waving base, actively leading the local women to get on the road to prosperity.

Since the implementation of poverty alleviation work in 2016, she has learned experiences from other villages many times. Under the help of township Party committee and the "village two committees" (village Party branch and village committee), she built the Nianlang Pulu Processing Cooperative, providing a good platform for the whole village to become rich.

She says,  " I talk to the women in the village and persuade them to join in the cooperative, which can not only let them learn skills, but also become rich by working in the village.” However, many people think that joining the cooperative has no future and no development. But she is firm in her dream, believing that with her own hands and wisdom can pave the road to prosperity.

On the basis of making traditional clothes of Nyingchi, Nianlang Pulu Processing Cooperative makes products according to the market demand and customer preference. The cooperative can make more than 10 kinds of Pulu products such as file package, wallet, tablecloth and so on. Padma Yangjen says, "technical problems are the major challenge for her and the cooperative at present."

In previous meetings, issues proposed by Padma Yangjen, such as women's "two cancers" (cervicacancer and breast cancer) prevention and intervention, free census, diagnosis and treatment assistance, health knowledge publicity and other aspects, have been answered and implemented. This year, she is full of confidence and conscientiously performs her duties. With the wishes of the villagers, she hopes that the government can pay more attention to the technical problems encountered by the cooperative.Thus the villagers can learn advanced weaving technology and management experience, and further stimulate the internal power of the cooperative's production and development. 

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