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Living environment of Lhoma Village improved

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017-11-15


Photo shows the panorama of Lhoma Village. [China Tibet News/Mai Zhengwei]


Photo shows the fitness place of Lhoma Village. [China Tibet News/Mai Zhengwei]

With an average altitude of 2850 meters, Lhoma Village is located in Goyul Town, Zayu County, Nyinchi City, Tibet Autonomous Region and it belongs to subtropical humid climate.

In the past, as people live separately and with inadequate infrastructure, the village appearance and living environment are not optimistic. However, under the support of local government and relevant departments, Lhoma Village makes full use of local resources, vigorously develops economy, gradually improves  infrastructure, and positively promotes the process of urban-rural integration. At present, Lhoma Village has fully access to road, water, electricity, postal communication, phone communication, radio and television. The living environment is greatly improved.

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