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China’s largest intelligent multi-span greenhouse built in Chushur

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年03月28日 12:03

With a total investment of 238 million yuan RMB and an area of 9.18 hectares, Intelligent Multi-span Greenhouse of the Pure Land Industrial Park has been built in Caina Town of Lhasa's Chushur County recently, marking the largest intelligent multi-span greenhouse in China. At present, parts of the greenhouse have been completed, and its catering area and yak feast experience hall have been officially operated on March 17. Other functional areas will be opened successively after the equipment being delivered. The whole project will be officially opened to public on May 1.

According to Changdren, a worker of the greenhouse, the greenhouse is functionally divided into A, B and C zones. A and B zones consist of culture experience area, smart agriculture control center and Tibetan ethnic & Chinese traditional medicine experience area, involving Tibetan medicine culture experience hall (including Tibetan medicine museum and Tibetan medicinal bathing), hot spring health experience hall, yak feast experience hall, etc. C zone is the planting area for Tibetan ethnic and Chinese traditional herbal medicine and the aquaculture area.

"After the project being officially opened, it can not only serve the local people, but also provide leisure, sightseeing and entertainment places for tourists travelling in Tibet. At the same time, it will further promote the development of culture, tourism, Tibetan medicine and other characteristic industries in Chushur County, providing more employment opportunities for the poor and increasing their income," Changdren said.

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