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Mainling County: Tibetan medicinal materials planting gradually develops into a large scale

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年11月19日 10:02

Abundant forest resources are the important material wealth of forest area. In recent years, in order to accelerate the development and utilization of forest resources, under the guidance of forestry development policy, Mainling County of Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, has begun to try to diversify the management, actively promoted the planting of Tibetan medicinal materials, successfully built the planting base of Tibetan medicinal materials, and made obvious achievements in the development of Tibetan medicine industry.

"The planting of Tibetan medicinal materials has a bright future. The industry competition is small and the market demand is large. In addition, some medicinal materials have a short growth cycle and a high survival rate, which can bring benefits to people in a short time," says a responsible people of Mainling County. To boost the development of Tibetan medicine industry, as well as realize the promotion and cultivation of Tibetan medicinal materials, with the aid of the radiating and driving role of cooperative organizations, poor households have been included in the scope of industrial poverty alleviation, helping them get out of poverty by providing jobs to get labor remuneration and providing free technology and production materials.

In terms of technology, Mainling County has built the Gonpo Tibetan medicinal materials training and testing base in Mainling Town, carrying out training on cultivation of Tibetan medicinal materials for farmers and herdsmen, as well as domestication, introduction and trial planting of wild medicinal materials. More than 10 kinds of rare wild Tibetan medicinal materials have been successfully planted. Now, the masses who intend to plant Tibetan medicinal materials have basically mastered relevant planting technology.

In addition, from the perspective of sustainable development, Mainling County has taken protective measures for wild Tibetan medicinal materials, and provided certain financial support to farmers and cooperative organizations that independently develop the cultivation, processing and marketing of Tibetan medicinal materials. At the same time, professional technicians have been organized to guide the breeding, planting and field management of Tibetan medicinal materials.

After the rapid development in recent years, the planting of Tibetan medicinal materials in Mainling County has gradually transferred from the experimental base to the farmland, and from the trial planting in a small area to the concentrated promotion in a large area. Planting varietyhas transferred from diversification trial to selective key promotion. Planting main body has transferred from agricultural technical personnel to largegrowers, cooperatives, enterprises and so on. Up to now, the county’s Tibetan medicinal materials planting area has reached87 hectares, with an investment of 21.07 million yuan RMB. The planting varieties include ganoderma fungus, gastrodia elata, Herpetospermum pedunculosum, ginkgo, Tibetan inula and so on.

"In the next step, we will fully rely on the culture and brand of Tibetan medicine and make use of abundant resources of Tibetan medicinal materials to promote the planting of ganoderma funguswithin the county.At the same time, we will introduce a number of influential enterprises of traditional Chinese medicine and health care products to build a Tibetan medicine culture and industrial park with the reach and development, production and sales of Tibetan medicineand health care products as the main body, supplemented by cultural inheritance, medicinal diet, recuperation, experience and sightseeing." says a responsible people of Mainling County.

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