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Nyingchi promotes rural revitalization

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2020年01月02日 11:15

Since the beginning of this year, Nyingchi City of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has continued to increase the income of farmers and herdsmen, carried out skill training and promoted the orderly transfer of employment.

Nyingchi has formulated four special training programs for the tea industry, Tibetan pig industry, forest and fruit industry, as well as tourism industry. Relying on 5 private vocational skill training schools, skill training has been actively carried out.

At the same time, Nyingchi has been actively committed to creating boutique job fairs, so as to achieve normalization of job fair activities. This year, 29 recruitment events have been held, with more than 1,100 employers providing over 14,000 jobs. In addition, Nyingchi has vigorously cultivated specialized labor market subjects, improving the level of specialization and the degree of organization. At present, there are 3 labor dispatching agencies in Nyingchi. Besides, the city's entrepreneurship and innovation bases have attracted 165 entrepreneurship teams and employed 366 people.

In addition, Nyingchi has used tourism resources to create jobs for more farmers and herdsmen. At present, the total number of farmers and herdsmen family inns in the city has reached 630, and more than 6,800 farmers and herdsmen have participated in the tourism service, with an income increase of more than 8,000 yuan RMB per capita. Through supporting and cultivating leading enterprises, village collectives, and cooperatives, over 70,000 farmers and herdsmen have participated in the development of characteristic agriculture and animal husbandry industries. The construction teams of farmers and herdsmen will carry out government investment projects with less than 4 million yuan RMB, which are of low technical difficulty. At present, Nyingchi has assigned 180 government investment projects to construction teams of farmers and herdsmen, driving the income increase of farmers and herdsmen by 30.36 million yuan RMB.

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