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Xizang: Lhasa's excellent air quality rate reached 100% from January to April

By Liu Fang Source:xzxw.com 2022年06月01日 10:06


In recent years, Lhasa attaches great importance to the construction of ecological civilization, firmly practices the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", focuses on prominent problems in the field of ecological environment, takes targeted measures to deepen the prevention and control of environmental pollution, and continuously improves ecological environment quality.

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Continuous optimization of the ecological environment allows citizens and tourists to live and play more comfortably. From January to April in 2022, the rate of excellent air in Lhasa reached 100%, ranking first among 168 key cities in China. Lhasa is still one of the regions with the best environmental quality in China.

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In order to protect and improve air quality, in recent years, Lhasa Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment has strengthened the supervision and inspection of selling points of bulk coal in combination with daily environmental supervision and inspection, and strictly controlled the no-burning areas of high-pollution fuels, basically eliminating the use of firewood, coal and charcoal in urban areas.

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In terms of exhaust gas treatment, oil and gas recovery and improvement of 66 gas stations in Lhasa were completed. New energy vehicles accounted for 100% of city buses, and 54 charging piles were built. Road inspection of motor vehicles has been comprehensively strengthened, and more than 30,000 aged vehicles have been eliminated since 2017.

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