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Internet broadens horizons for Tibetans

By Subrina Zhu Source:China Tibet News 2018-03-29

Telemedicine is not a dream any more. Shopping online, running an on-line shop are not new to Tibetans. Lots of farmers and herdsmen devote much of their free time to chatting with friends on WeChat, a popular instant messaging application. Monks used Internet to recite the lection. Internet broadens horizons for Tibetans.

Since August of 2014, with the support of Shanghai Pudong New Area, Gyantse County People's Hospital have had the training for the medical staff through distance education two times every month.

In the old times, because of the remoteness, medical workers in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region always went to eastern part of China for training and taught others when came back, which took a long time for once. While, the present condition is different from the past. Now, knowledge that took a few months to get updates within one week, especially CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and other fist-aids which is helpful for patients.

Teletraining is only the first shot, said by Kelzang, the director of Gyantse County People's Hospital. The tele-consultation system will be set up in Oct, 2015. Combing the Internet with medicine benefits the patients.

The tele-consultation technology has already been applied in Tibet. According to the survey by the Planning Commission of China's Tibet Autonomous Region, currently, there are at least 12 hospitals setting up a tele-consultation platform with hospitals in eastern parts of China. Until now, almost 200 cases are dealt with telemedicine.

Internet significantly narrowed the gap between the inaccessible Tibet an the advanced medicine, also changing the way by which Tibetans know about the world. Padma Chozin, the Party secretory of Padain Tse village, Metok County, organizes information by using computer and knows about domestic and overseas news.

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