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Tibet: free admission to all public cultural infrastructures

By Subrina Zhu Source:China Tibet News 2015-09-22

Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region has built 692 township-level cultural stations and 39 folk art rehearsal venues until 2014. Currently, there are 100% cultural infrastructures accessible to the public freely, with 80 percent coverage of township-level cultural stations. Amateur performing art is accessible to every village and township. Folk art troupe is also accessible to every county. Some 94.78 percent and 95.91 percent of Tibet now have access to radio and TV respectively. Besides, small libraries in the countryside and libraries in monasteries are distributed in all administrative villages and all monasteries, which enrich people’s spiritual and cultural lives. 

Tibet Autonomous Region ( TAR) persists in implementing the project of making residents in both urban and rural areas enjoy the public cultural service, which benefits the people. Since the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the Party and government has invested more and more in building its cultural infrastructures, totaling 780 million yuan, which improved the cultural infrastructures greatly. At present, there are over 400 people’s art centers, cultural centers and cultural stations. Since 1995, Tibet implemented many important national culture projects such as the building of advanced-culture county, project of sharing cultural information and preservation of intangible cultural heritage, safeguarding the grassroots’ cultural right and enrich their cultural lives.

“ I learned a lot from books and magazines in libraries.” said by Drolma, a villager from Tselgungthang county. Since 2008, Tibet has built libraries in all administrative villages. Until now, there are 5,451 libraries in the countryside, providing a good way for local villagers and herdsmen to know the Party’s polices and guidelines and learn scientific practical technologies which enriches their cultural and spiritual lives.

In cities, people’s cultural living style become more diversified. On weekend, going to the movies with friends or singing in the KTV have already been the residents’ entertainment. In addition, dancing featured both the traditional Tibetan dance and the modern square-dancing in the squares and parks is also a good recreational activity for the citizens. 

With more and more culture exhibitions, lectures and performances, the young’s cultural living become various. Folk drama clubs, amateur piano classes, photograph studio and other new cultural clubs provide more recreational choices for the citizens.

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