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Audio books donated to Tibet Blind Children’s School

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018-03-29

Recently, a batch of audio books were donated to the Tibet Blind Children's School by a micro documentary crew which was coorganized by People's Daily Online and China Association for Science and Technology.

Gyaltsen, a responsible person of Tibet Blind Children's School, says, "these audio books are very helpful to children's study, not only increasing reading options but also broadening knowledge scope." He hopes to help more blind children grasp life opportunities and let them become useful person to society.

Tibet Blind Children's School is founded by Sabriye Tenberken and her husband Paul, who are blind people from Germany. Blind children can study language and skills for a 3-year schooling period in this school. After graduation, they can continue to study in general schools or enter into society.

Given priority to basic education, a series of courses including English, Tibetan language, Chinese, computer, art, music and so on are set up. Here in this school, children can not only enjoy basic living skills trainings but also learn vocational skills such as massage, hand knitting,cheese making and so on. The school funding mainly comes from the donation of social people from all walks of life.

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