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Poverty-alleviation work in Nyingchi City

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-11-10

This year, by earnestly adhering to poverty-alleviation strategies, Nyingchi City makes great achievements and 2623 households or 8089 people are expected to get rid of poverty.

Up to now, 780497000 yuan poverty-alleviation fund is in place. In accordance with actual needs, 557986000 yuan has been allocated. At present, Nyingchi City has started project construction for 561 relocation households. 2508 people are involved and 28 households or 167 people have lived in new houses. The total investment is 155547800 yuan, accounting for 50.1% of the annual plan.

In addition, 181 projects are identified as poverty-alleviation projects and 2.34 billion yuan is expected to be invested. These projects cover 489 administrative villages, 54 towns and 7 counties. After implemention, archives will be set up for 15696 poor-stricken people and 7704 people can get rid of poverty. Now 80 projects have started construction and 26 projects have been completed.

At the same time, Nyinchi City also strengthens skill trainings to help the masses get employed. In addition, educational and medical assistance is carried out, too. So far, 26 terms of employment trainings have been held and 3162 people have been employed. 78 enterprises positively undertake responsibilities and invest 895800 yuan in condoling low income families. 489 poor people are employed in these enterprises, which is expected to lead 207 households or 753 people to increase incomes. 2903100 yuan is invested in helping 1488 students and 14808100 yuan is invested in medical treatment.

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