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Heating supplied on buses in Lhasa

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-11-17

Recently, temperature in Lhasa is more and more lower. The Lhasa Bus Operating Company decided to supply heating on buses in Lhasa since Nov. 15.

Heating equipment including heating boilers, heating installation and temperature debugging buttons on the buses were maintained.

Now Lhasa's buses are using the boiler heating system, which can be recycled and is very safe and environmentally friendly. In addition, it does not produce any peculiar smell and harmful gas that may affect human's body health, so people can take a bus at ease. Due to big temperature difference, heating will be supplied concentratedly in the morning and at night.The temperature in the bus will remain at 25 degrees.

At present, the heating supply on buses has realized full monitoring, letting the bus heating management become more standard.

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