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Potala Palace paintings preserved

By Source:China.org.cn 2015-09-24

Five billion pixels are the technological fix for preserving murals in Tibet's Potala Palace. The digitization project is part of ongoing efforts to safeguard temple art throughout the Tibet Autonomous Region.


Potala Palace paintings preserved

The Potala Palace, in the Tibetan capital of Lhasa, has a history of over 1,300 years. And the images in its murals include religious stories, historical figures, and biographies of eminent monks.

"The murals in the Potala Palace are very precious. They can be traced back from the Tubo Regime to the Qing Dynasty. In addition, they have covered a lot of themes," Nyima Tenzin, director of Management Office of Potala Palace.

The total area covered by wall paintings in the rooms, hall, and corridors of the Potala Palace is some 2,500 square meters - the equivalent of six basketball courts. In order to help preserve them, conversion to digital images began in 2012.

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