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Number of Thangka painters in Tibet exceeds 2,000

By Source:China Tibet Online 2015-09-24


A Thangka painter [Photo/Agencies]

Up to the end of 2014, in Tibet Autonomous Region, the number of Thangka painters had exceeded 2,000, and over 100 Thangka art academies and training institutions had been established as well as the annual sales of Thangka reached about 100 million yuan (16.1 million US dollars).

Tibet boasts a long history and culture. The traditional Thangka painting has been well protected and inherited by local Tibetan people. To better display excellent Tibetan Thangka culture, the Fifth Tibetan Thangka Art Fairs opened yesterday morning in Norbulingka.

In recent years, the Tibetan cultural department has succesfully hold the Tibetan Thangka Art Fairs for four times. During the fair, by holding exhibitions, skill competitions, academic forums and guiding industry, the Thangka art and industry developed rapidly.

For many years, through various skill competitions, Tibet has awarded the title "Master of Tibetan Thangka" to three painters, including Tenpa Rapten. Meanwhile, the local government also conferred the honorary titles of "Tibet's first-class, second-class and third-class Thangka painters and technicians" to 66 painters and technicians.

All training institutions in Tibet could cultivate about 200 Thangka painters a year, among which, some famous organizations such as the Tibetan Thangka Art Academyu, Lhamoi Lhatso Thangka Art Academy, and the Tenpa Rapten Art School could cultivate about 50 Thangka painters a year.

After the opening ceremony of art fairs, the Tibetan culture department will hold a series of academic forums, on which, many renowned Thangka masters will speak their minds on protection, innovation and inheritance of Tibetan Thangka art.

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