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Ngari’s 22 most beautiful viewing and shooting spots

By Xu Lifang Source:China Tibet News 2015-09-24


Photo shows the scenery of Gang Rinpoche.[Photo/Tibet Business Daily]

The so-called “Ngari in heaven” has got quite a beautiful scenery! Recently, China National Geography Magazine and Tibet Autonomous Region’s Tourism Development Committee have jointly selected 22 most beautiful viewing and shooting spots in Ngari, Tibet.

Now, let’s take a look at these 22 most beautiful viewing and shooting spots.

1. Capital relic of Guge kingdom

2. Toling Monastery

3. Relic of Dongkar Cave Monastery

4. Kyunglung Relic

5. Pangong Lake

6. Rituo Rock MURAL

7. Gang Rinpoche 

8. Lake Manasorovar 

9. Naimona'nyi Peak

10. Lannga Co

11. Khorzhak Monastery 

12. Shagungjang Snow Mountain

13. Marme Lake

14. hiquan River

15. Ngari Dark Sky Park 

16. Zhari Namco

17. Zhada Soil Forest-Zhada Grand Canyo

18. Zhada Soil Forest-Xiayi Ditch

19. Chagcam Caka Salt Lake 

20. Magaer Meadow

21. Rutok Dzong Relic

22. Trashigang

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