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Unforgettable experiences on Barkhor Street

By Source:CRI 2015-09-24


Crowds of visitors queue to enter the Jokhang Temple, and monks walk on the bustling Barkhor Street. [Photo/CRI]

Barkhor Street, a well-known tourist attraction in Tibet, welcomes crowds of visitors from all over the world every day, playing an important role in Lhasa's modern tourism development.

Barkhor Street, considered a pilgrimage by Tibetans, was a single circumambulation road around the Jokhang Temple in the past. It has now expanded into Lhasa's commercial center.

As the symbol of Lhasa, it's a must-see for travellers seeking to know the city's history, architecture, industry, culture, economy and religion.


Pilgrims walk outside the Jokhang Temple. [Photo/CRI]


A female visitor experiences the Tibetan braids. [Photo/CRI]

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