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The operation of frontier soldier Zhang Gaoyong successes

By Zhi Xinghua Source:Chinatibetnews.com 2015-05-11

According to the Nyalam Border Check Point, frontier soldier Zhang Gaoyong who is injured because of saving a Tibetan child in the earthquake, has had a successful operation in Chengdu and now has been transferred to the rehabilitation period.

Zhang Gaoyong is a soldier of Nyalam Border Check Point. On April 25, the 8.1-magnitude quake shook Nepal and it also strongly affected parts of Tibet including Nyalam Town. At that time, Zhang Gaoyong and Zhu Wenxi are on duty. When they saw an eight or nine years old Tibetan boy was crying, they immediately rushed to save him. Then Zhang Gaoyhong’s abdomen was hit by a rock. Now his is out of danger through 3 hours operation in Chengdu.

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