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Sanitary and anti-epidemic work carried out in quake-hit Tibetan areas

By Zhi Xinghua Source:Chinatibetnews.com 2015-05-13

Delegated by the Disease Control Bureau of National Health and Family Planning Commission, 4 experts from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) went to seriously quake-stricken Tibetan areas including Nyalam County, Zham Town, Gyirong Town, Lhatse County, etc. Through learning of the public health situations and assessing risks and demands, they gave relevant assist and guide for the sanitary and anti-epidemic work in quake-hit areas.

These experts checked settlements’ surrounding environment, drinking water, toilets, township health centers, schools and other situations. In addition, in Gyirong  Town, they checked the basic situations of epidemic prevention work and CDC’s mobile laboratory.

The expert group put forward constructive suggestions for the epidemic prevention work and laid a solid foundation for the next phase’s work.

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