Overall economic performance maintained stable from Jan. to Aug.

According to the Lhasa Statistics Bureau, from January to August, the overall economic performance of Lhasa City maintained stable.

  • Tibet yak industry to open the "Internet +" mode
  • Yak industry in Tibet will open a new "Internet +" mode to accelerate the e-commerce precision poverty alleviation, and realize the government, enterprises and farmers multiparty wins, according to the related person...

  • Poverty alleviation workshop enriches people
  • A village of Yangbajain Town studied and applied for industrial projects to promote the poor people to increase their income and get rid of poverty.

  • Cona Coutny promotes the construction of border well-off villages
  • Since the beginning of this year, Cona County has been vigorously promoting the construction of border well-off villages.

  • Chamdo City builds water-saving city
  • Since this year, Chamdo City has comprehensively promoted the water-saving work, and adopted various measures to solve problems.

  • Commendation conference for models of ethnic unity and progress held in Lhasa
  • Recently, the 2018 commendation conference for models of ethnic unity and progress has been held in Lhasa.

  • Reform and opening up improves living standards
  • Reform and opening up has greatly improved Tibetan people's living standards. Since the 1980s, more and more tourists and pilgrims have come to travel and pilgrimage. Tourism has brought money-making opportunities to people of Gangsa Village, Parga Town, and yak transport team has emerged then.