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Ecotourism booms in Legpo Valley

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2018-05-31

People always associates Tibet with snow-covered mountains and grassland. However, Legpo Valley, which is also located in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, boasts rich vegetation and clear waters. With impressive natural scenery and unique ethnic customs,   Magmang ecological civilization village is also situated in Legpo Valley, Tsona County of Shannan, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. The construction of Magmang ecological civilization demonstration village began on March of 2014 and was completed on December. On January of 2015, this village was put into operation. In 2016, Magmang village was titled as "China's beautiful leisure village" by China's Ministry of Agriculture.

With the coming of May, China's Tibet has entered the peak tourist season. 26 national key tourist attractions all around Tibet sell half-price entrance tickets from May 1 to June 30. Legpo Valley is also on the list. In addition, with the implementation of "Slowing down the speed of tour, enjoying the sea of azaleas in Legpo Valley" in Shannan, Legpo Valley has a prolonged peak season this year.

Dekyi Tsomo, a 27-year-old villager of Magmang, said, "Previously, houses in the village looked fairly rundown, and all roads leading to the village are muddy. Nowadays, the houses we live in are comfortable and big, with underfloor heating and hot water supply. This kind of house costs more than 400,000 yuan. We only pay 120,000 yuan, the other is paid by the government. Facilities in family inns are provided by the government, for which we all feel grateful”. 

The first floor of Dekyi Tsomo's house is used for a tea house. Besides, six rooms on the second and third floors are used for the family inn. With the ecological tourism in Magmang village, Dekyi Tsomo's tea house and family inn received more than 120,000 yuan in income annually. Besides, her husband has an income of 11,000 yuan every month by operating a loader. Preferential policies bring fortune to Dekyi Tsomo's family.

According to Pema Tangjen, a township head of Magmang, new houses have been built for 62 households, of which 40 are relocated and 15 rebuilt. There are 38 three-floor houses and 17 two-floor houses in the village. All households have access to water, electricity, broadband network, bathroom and road. So far, there are 49 family inns, seven restaurants, six tea houses, five grocery stores and seven retail stores. 

Magmang village persists in following the notion that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets, focusing on the ecological conservation and promoting ecotourism.

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