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Reform and opening up improves living standards

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-10-17

By the end of August this year, the tourism income has exceeded 10 million yuan RMB, and per capita income has reached more than 12,200 yuan in Parga Town, Burang County, Ngari Prefecture of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Reform and opening up has greatly improved Tibetan people's living standards. Since the 1980s, more and more tourists and pilgrims have come to travel and pilgrimage. Tourism has brought money-making opportunities to people of Gangsa Village, Parga Town, and yak transport team has emerged then.

In 1981, when the yak transportation team was established, there were only a few horses and yaks, and the income was low. In 1996, the village committee director loaned 880,000 yuan to establish local yak transport team through the way of rural collective economics, which had been paid off in only three years.

Chogyal, a villager, said that the tourist market was becoming bigger and bigger, and more and more international tourists from India, America as well as Russia came to Kangrinboqe. They could earn over 1700 yuan by guiding tourists hiking around Kangrinboqe each time. Besides, each local villager has received a subsidyof over 2000 yuan every year from national finance as eco-compensation and living allowance, which helped them living a harmonious and happy life.

Now, after continuous exploration as well as reform and innovation, their yak transport team is upgraded a transport service center. A person in charge says that they will continue to protect the ecological environment of Kangrinboqe area so that more tourists can experience the primitive and simple pastoral life. Meanwhile, the service center will also continue to improve service and ensure the safety of tourists.

Moreover, with the revenue from the service center, a sand factory is opened, which helps the rural collective economics developing; convenient supermarkets, teahouses, hotels and others which are estimated to earn over 3 million yuan by the end of this year. [Liu Fang, Zhu Nan]

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