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Chamdo City builds water-saving city

By Source:China Tibet News 2018-10-18

Since this year, Chamdo City has comprehensively promoted the water-saving work, and adopted various measures to solve problems such as low efficiency of water use as well as serious pollution, which has formed a pattern of coordinated development between water resources development and utilization and regional economy.

A series of local laws and regulations have been established, which has improved the documents and punishment and reward systems about urban water supply, water-saving and water resources management.

Chamdo City has established a stable investment mechanism to promote water-saving basic management, product promotion and technical innovation. The water quota standard and progressive surcharges system for exceeding the quota and plan have been formulated for top 10 industries and units in water consumption. At the same time, the list of key monitoring units of water use has been established, and equipped with qualified measuring instruments to ensure accurate water consumption statistics.

For water use in urban construction projects, water-saving schemes and measures have been evaluated and approved by relevant departments before construction.

Corresponding systems and policies have been established with the aim of promoting the reuse of treated wastewater and the development and utilization of reclaimed water.

Besides, Chamdo City also promoted the construction of pipenetwork as well as supporting facilities, and carried out urban water supply network survey, maintenance and leakage detection.

In order to raise people's awareness of water-saving, related departments regularly carried out water-saving propaganda activities to propagandize the importance and necessity of water-saving in the communities, enterprises, schools and other places. [Zhi Xinghua, Zhu Nan]

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