Tibet's GDP reached 32.408 bln yuan RMB in the first quarter

Experts and scholars discussed Tibet’s role in Belt & Road

On the morning of June 14, the 2019 · Forum on the Development of Tibet China, hosted by the State Council Information Office and the people's government of Tibet Autonomous Region,was opened in L...

Tibet's history during Tang Dynasty

The Tibetan ethnic group living on the Tibetan Plateau has close links with the Chinese nation, no matter in blood relationship, culture, economics, or in religion and history.

Tibet: 700 years under central government

The State Archives Administration published historical records that showed Tibet has been under the jurisdiction of the central government for more than 700 years, since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368).

China's 1st Tibetan incense experience space launched in Tibet

Recently, the opening ceremony of Tibetan incense experience space has been officially launched in Tibet.

Introduction of Lhasa "Shangshung Metog" Eco-tourism and Cultural Industrial Park

The "Shangshung Metog" Eco-tourism and Cultural Industrial Park, which is located in the Tohlung Dechen District of Lhasa City, is thriving in the new era.

  • A giant step in human progress in Tibet
  • Miserable life of serfs in old Tibet
  • Great change in Tibetan people’s life
  • New look of Lhasa’s ancient street