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Emancipation of one million serfs

By Source:People's Daily 2016-03-01

 People of Tashi Township, Chonggyai County, present hada (auspicious shawls) to deputies of the township People's Congress.

Rigzin Lhamo, a former serf of Doilungdeqen County, said: "In the old days I was a beast of burden with no right to speak, carrying heavy loads all year round. Under the leadership of the Communist Party I have become a master."

Former serfs cast votes for their deputies.

Lamas of the Jokhang Monastery at the 1963 election.

Tashi Gyaltsen, magistrate and deputy Party secretary of Nedong County, visiting former serf Gyaltsen.

Nyima's voter's registration card dated October 1962.

Chozin's voter's registration card dated October 1962.

Tibetan cadres doubled after democratic reform. By end of 1960 more than 4,400 tibetan serfs and slaves in the region had become Tibetan cadres. Cadres of the Tibetan and other ethnic minorities exceeded 10,000. Tibetans filled all official oposts at township level, and accounted for more than 90 percent among district-level officials. More than 300 officials at county-level or above were also Tibetan.

Elections of county and township governments, covering 1,395 towns and townships, in Tibet had concluded. People's Representative conferences that performed the function of people's congresses were held in 567 towns and townships. Township-level people's governments were established in 92 percent of Tibet. The first session of people's congresses to elect magistrates and deputy magistrates, establish people's committee, and elect one-to-three deputies to the People's Congresses was held in 54 counties.

In the April 1961 general election held in prefecture and townships around Tibet. The picture shows a meeting of the first democratically elected People's Committee of Nedong County.

Voters of Lesser Ridung Township in Qamdo arrive at the polling station dressed in their best.

Padma (first right), CPC Communist member of the Tibet Autonomous Region and Party secretary of Khabang Commune in Gyirong County, working in the field. More than 20,000 former serfs grew into cadres in Tibet after the democratic reform.

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