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Sichuan-Tibet Highway promotes development of a remote village

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月03日 21:37

40-year-old Tashi Yudron lives in Lekda Village, Wangda Town, Zogang County of Qamdo, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, where Sichuan-Tibet highway passes through. She runs a family inn in the village. 

In recent years, thanks to the upgrade project of Sichuan-Tibet highway, number of tourists from Sichuan and Yunnan to Tibet by self-driving and bike increases. The Party Branch of Lekda Village encourages local residents to open family inns to enable more villagers to get benefits from tourism.

"More and more tourists stay here," Tashi Yudron says.

There are 716 residents from 117 households in the village. With a total of 112 family inns, last year, the village has received more than 4,000 tourists, adding over 3,700 yuan RMB to each household's income, according to Losang Wangdu, secretary of Party Branch of Lekda Village.

With the last four impoverished households getting rid of poverty, Lekda Village has lifted itself of poverty in 2017. The same year, with an investment of two million yuan RMB from Xiamen Aid-Tibet Working Team, Qamdo's first village-level folk exhibition hall has been established in the village. A Chinese national flag, hand embroidered by nine venerable aged villagers in 1962, is hang on the central wall of the exhibition hall; over 500 pieces of production and life appliances used before Tibet's democratic reform are displayed, too.

"Most exhibits are donated by villagers. This exhibition hall plays a significant role in history and education," says Nyima Lhosong, director of the village committee.

"Well-protected exhibits, local Tibetan culture and the beautiful natural scenery in this village are amazing," says Wu Xiaozhu, a tourist from Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province. 

Near the exhibition hall, there is a village-level tourist reception center -- a three-floor building occupies an area of 650 ㎡ that opens in June, 2019. 

"A vehicle cleaning station will be built near this tourist reception center, which is another way increase the local income," says Nyima Lhosong.

A construction team of farmers and herdsmen -- the first village collective economy of Lekda Village, is founded in 2012. "The team now has over 70 transportation machines and undertakes various projects. I make more than 50,000 yuan RMB a year; in addition, each household is distributed more than 10,000 yuan RMB a year," says 48-year-old Drumdo Phuntsog, who works in this construction team. 

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