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Zetang to improve people's living environment

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月11日 09:44

Zetang Town of Shannan City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is located at the confluence of Yarlung River and Yarlung Zangbo River, with an altitude of 3,560 m. In 2015, Zetang Town has been listed among the second batch of national new-type urbanization comprehensive pilot areas. Over the years, Zetang Town has continuously promoted the improvement of rural people's living environment, implemented rural revitalization strategy and realized modernization.

60-year-old Samten has been living in Tsentang Community of Zetang Town. "When I was young, the trees here were less than 50, so the hillside was bare. We used to focus on farming and herding cattle, and didn't know the importance of planting trees. Around 2009, afforestation work began here." Samten says, "Now the air becomes moist and there are more birds. We are very enthusiastic about planting trees, and attach great importance to watering and maintenance. In this year, we have planted 700 trees covering an area of 80,000 ㎡."

Tsentang Community of Zetang Town is less than 3 km from the city center. 2 years ago, Zetang Town has begun to construct clean communities and beautiful villages. Samten calls her family members and neighbors to monthly carry out trees planting, garden greening, garbage disposal and others.

Tsering Dondrup, secretary of the Party Committee of Zetang Town, introduces that local cadres have started to carry out environmental improvement in communities on the 10th day of every month since 2017, and conducted domestic rubbish centralized disposal, sewage treatment as well as village greening on the 15th and 30th days of each month, which have achieved great successes.

In Tsentang and Qinglu Communities, people have been speeding up the construction of new cattle barns. 77-year-old Nyima prepares to move his cattle into a special cattle barn which is 600 m away from his village at the end of the month. "Old cattle barns have a nasty smell and lots of mosquitoes; while new ones are clean, with separate water pipes, and each one can hold about 150 cattle," he says.

Tsering Dondrup says that centralized captivity of livestock changes life-style of mixed living of livestock and human for thousands of years, which not only promotes the development of modern animal husbandry, but also improves people's living environment.

In recent years, Qinglu Community has continuously planted trees covering an area of 10.667 km², and occupied the highest forest coverage in Nedong District of Shannan City. In 2017, Qinglu Community has passed official evaluation and continued to retain the honorary title of "National Civilized Village".

The general Party branch of Tsentang Community leads local masses to build sand factory, agricultural machinery distribution cooperative and others. Among them, the sand factory is the main source of collective economic income, generating 4.4 million yuan RMB income in 2018. Last year, the total income of Tsentang Community has reached 9.95 million yuan RMB, and its per capita income has realized 22,000 yuan RMB.

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