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Poverty-alleviating story of Sonam Lhamo's family

By Liu Fang, Zhu Nan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月17日 09:51

3 years ago, Longgu Village of Zhowagoin Town, Zayu County, Nyingchi City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, was a typical poverty-stricken village because of traffic inconvenience and information occlusion, with 200 local people whose annual incomes were less than 2,000 yuan RMB. Since the beginning of poverty alleviation work, Longgu Village has been connected more and more with the outside through road construction and environmental improvement. Sonam Lhamo, one of the village's poor people, has been lifted out of poverty like other fellows.

"I am physically disabled thus unable to do heavy work, and my daughter goes to school, so the family burden has been all on my husband Pan Yingzhong. During busy farming seasons, he used to water and apply fertilizer the fields alone; during slack seasons, he used to go outside and work to earn money, but the income of all year round has been limited." Sonam Lhamo recalls.

Until 2016, targeted poverty alleviation work has been launched in Zayu County. The propaganda of poverty alleviation policy and the advanced deeds of poverty alleviation have been spread all over the village. Sonam Lhamo's thought has changed quietly. "I want to be a person who gets rich by working hard, not a poor household supported by the government," she says.

With the help of the village cadres and village task force, Sonam Lhamo's family has decided to plant economic trees and breed Tibetan chickens. Pan Yingzhong has reclaimed 667 ㎡ of wasteland to plant grapevines, apple and pear trees by making use of the skills of growing vegetables and fruit trees he has learned before; In less than 2 years, the number of chickens fed by Sonam Lhamo has increased from 60 to more than 200, too. The family's per capita disposable income has increased to 7,938.4 yuan RMB as well. Besides, under the policy of building well-off villages in the border, the family has built a new house.

Thereafter, they have planted vegetables in the land where fruit trees planted to make full use of the land. "At harvest time, all kinds of vegetables grow well. Villagers like the vegetables we grow very much," says Sonam Lhamo happily.

Meanwhile, Pan Yingzhong has found out that the geographical environment of Longgu Village is particularly suitable for planting paris polyphylla, a Chinese herbal medicine. "0.5 kg of paris polyphylla can sell for 80 yuan RMB. What a big market it is!" So Sonam Lhamo and her husband have begun to dig wild paris polyphylla for trial planting.

Over the past few years, the family's life has greatly improved. Sonam Lhamo leads the poorer people to get rich, too. Under her help, fellows of the village plant fruit trees one after another, and develop planting as well as breeding economy. To help the villagers increase production, she unreservedly imparts her fruit tree planting skills and chicken breeding experience to the villagers.

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