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Inspiring stories in Xiguo Village

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月18日 09:44

Rivers, one of the basic existing forms in the ecosystem, is an important part of life on Earth, and also the basis for human survival and development. Countless rivers come together and form Yarlung Zangbo. It rushes down and nourishes the land. Luoqu River, a tributary of Yarlung Zangbo, flows through Xiguo  Village, and benefits 161 local residents.

People living in the pastoral area used to be plagued by the limited sources of income. Now, thanks to the policies that benefit people in recent years, the number of channels for increasing income is growing. It also happens to Xiguo Village, which is located in Lhazang Town, Sagya County of Xigatse, southwestChina's Tibet Autonomous Region.

It was her husband Sonam Gyaltsen, who has influenced 26-year-old Chozin to open a Tibetan tea house in Xiguo Village. "After graduating from the college, I wanted to start my own business and did some market research. Then, I started a cram school and a cultural media company in Xigaze." Sonam Gyaltsen says, "The business goes well currently."


26-year-old Chozin has opened a Tibetan tea house in Xiguo Village, which sets an example for local young people. [ChinaTibetNews/Drapa Wangchen]

Chozin also planned to have her own business. After knowing her thoughts, Sonam Gyaltsen expressed his full understanding and offered support. Afterwards, she cooperated with her companion and opened a Tibetan tea house. Because of its good taste, this sweet tea house won the praises of the locals.

It is said that economically independent women are most attractive. Growing from a housewife to a successful business woman, Chozin sets a good example for the local young people. The Tibetan tea house is spacious and clean. With mirror-polished tables and chairs, it is filled with customers. "I also wanted to do business in the city," Chozin is a bit shy when talking about her plan.

62-year-old Zala, Chozin's father, shows his full support for her daughter's dream. Zala has begun to learn medicine from his predecessors when he was young. Previously, due to the lack of medical care, and inconvenient transportation, Zala usually went to treat patients by horse or on foot. "Even in the middle of night, my father would go out with a medical box when people came to ask for help. During that time, the traffic was inconvenient. My father could only ride horse or walk. Therefore, it was common for him to take four to five hours." Speaking of his fahter, Chozin looked so proud. In the eyes of local villagers, Zala is as selfless as Yarlung Zangbo, nourishing their hearts.

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