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Inspiring stories in Xiguo Village

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月18日 09:44

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The 62-year-old Zala is a village doctor who has been practicing medicine for decades and has won praises for his exquisite medical skills.  [ChinaTibetNews/Drapa Wangchen]

"There are many young villagers who were delivered by me," Zala says, "nowadays, with advanced medical conditions and convenient transportation, local residents do not need to walk so far to get medical care."

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Photo shows Zala treating a villager. [ChinaTibetNews/Drapa Wangchen]

He has been a barefoot doctor at first, and won praises for his excellent medical skills. Now, he is an experienced Tibetan doctor and has won the title of "National Excellent Village Doctor". His mission is not completed yet. "More and more young people want to study medicine. All I can do is to teach them what I learned for years." Zala says.

Like Chozin, another entrepreneur is an elderly woman -- Drolkar, who has a pleasant personality. Her signature smile never changed. She lives alone after her husband passing away years ago. Local young people often come to take care of her daily life spontaneously. "When I was young I worked well and went to Xigaze for work. Now, I am getting old and my health condition doesn't allow me to do that. But I don't want to be a burden of my dear fellows. I need to do something." when she talks about this, her eyes are flashed with tears. Then, she wipes them with hands.

In order to let Drolkar spend her remaining years in comfort, village cadres usually take turns to go to her house talking with her. Drolkar still wants to do something, and finally has managed to grow vegetables in her courtyard. "I have enough vegetables to eat and can share these to my neighbors." Drolkar says. Her small courtyard is full of vegetables, such as potatoes and cabbages.

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