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Entrepreneurial story of college graduate Guosang

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月20日 09:58

"No matter when I was in school or just after graduation, I always had a dream to go back to my hometown and start a business," said Guosang, juridical person of Qurong Mubo Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd. in Chagtse Town of Biru County, Nagqu City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

In recent years, with the launch of more effective policies to support college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, more and more college students choose to start their own businesses. "It was the good policies of the party and the government that made my college dream come true and gave me the opportunity to 'go out' to learn and improve myself. I could only turn this gratitude into the responsibility to repay the society, and use my limited ability to drive the poor people in my village to consolidate their achievements in poverty alleviation, so that more people in my village could get rich together," said Guosang.

In 2017, Guosang returned to Tibet after graduation from Sichuan Staff University of Science and Technology. He worked as a construction worker and trainer in Lhasa, accumulating certain experience and laying a solid foundation for starting his own business.

In 2019, under the care and support of the township party committee and government, 25-year-old Guosang founded the Qurong Mubo Commercial and Trading Co., Ltd.. At the beginning of its establishment, the company absorbed 4 poor people in Chagtse Town, and solved the employment problem while increasing the income of poor people.

"With the encouragement and support of the party, the government and all sectors of society, everything will become better and better. In the following work, I will stick to my original intention of starting my own business, and try my best to guide more young people to innovate and start their own businesses, so as to help poor households consolidate their achievements in poverty alleviation and boost rural revitalization," said Guosang.

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