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Lodro Rabten's story of entrepreneurship

By Source:China Tibet News 2019年07月10日 17:02


Photo shows Lodro Rabten collecting highland barely. [Human Resources and Social Security Department of T.A.R]

Young Lodro Rabten, once being a college student from a registered low-income household in Samka Town of Riwoqe County in Qamdo City, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is now the head of Anuocang Specialized Cooperatives for Farmers & Herdsmen. "During my school days, I didn't want to live a regular life; therefore I chose not to take the civil servant examination. When I was a sophomore, with the policy of 'business startups and innovation', an idea of starting up my own business came up." Says Lodro Rabten.

In pursuit of his dream for startups and changing the hometown's backwardness, after graduation, Lodro Rabten has begun to do preparations for startups in July of 2017. The same year, his brother Padma Jigme, graduating from Southwest University of Science and Technology, has joined in Lodro Rabten's startup team.

"The year of 2017 was just the time when the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China was held. General Secretary Xi Jinping putting forward the idea of targeted poverty alleviation and the rural revitalization strategy encouraged me, and inspired me to combine starting up my own business with developing my hometown, to lead the locals shaking off poverty." Lodro Rabten says.

After several rounds of "brain storms" on how to start a business, basing on Qamdo's unique ecological environment and climate, Lodro Rabten and Padma Jigme have decided to establish a food production chain that mainly manufactures highland mung beans, highland fast food and highland barely pop corns, and adopted an industrialization model of "cooperative+farmer household+food company". After being fully prepared, Anuocang Specialized Cooperative for Farmers & Herdsmen has been set up in 2017.


Photo shows Lodro Rabten signing contracts with local farmers. [Human Resources and Social Security Department of T.A.R]

In order to broaden the range of sales channels, the cooperative has actively built a green, safe and high-quality food brand, and continuously enhanced technical level by innovations, which has speeded up the cooperative's pace of development.

"My husband passed away few years ago. With bad health conditions, I lived a poor life with my three children. After becoming one of the black highland barely growers of Anuocang Cooperative, my annually income grows by more than 6,000 yuan RMB." Says 45-yeare-old Tashi Drolma, who has grasped new hope for life again.

The cooperative has taken "leading people to shake off poverty and get rich" as its duty since its establishment in 2017. Now, with its investment of 1.6 million yuan RMB, the construction area of factories and office buildings amounts to 600 square meters; the planting area of black highland barely reaches 532 mu (354,666 square meters); the greenhouses occupy an area of 6 mu (4,000 square meters). All these help increase the income of local 84 farmer households and 473 impoverished people. The average annual income of each household increases by over 5,000 yuan RMB. (By Yang Xiaojuan, Zhu Shan, Liu Fang)

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