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Land control project launched in Xongmai Town

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月17日 10:09


Photo shows villagers building fences. [Photo/China Tibet News]


Photo shows the seedlings planted in Xongmai Town, Sagya County of Xigatse, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [Photo/China Tibet News]

Xongmai Town is located in Sagya County of Xigatse, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. It is only seven to eight kilometers away from the mountain pass bordering Dingri County and Dingkye County. The sky there was colored by sand from every October to next May, because of the heavy wind from the mountain pass; sometimes people's faces ached in the heavy wind. Previously, trees were planted in Xongmai Town, yet it was not enough to fight against the erosion of sand because of dispersed distribution. In 2019, Xongmai Town has launched a project of sand control forest, which covers an area of two million square meters and consists of Populus bolleana, elms and sea-buckthorns. Moreover, another one million-square-meter sea-buckthorns are planned to be planted. In order to keep these trees alive, a cooperative has been set up and villagers are encouraged to water, set fences and patrol. These trees thrive under local people's meticulous care, and bring green hope to the locals.

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