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Tibet made breakthroughs in competition sports over past 60 years

By Liu Fang, Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2019年09月19日 09:55

Over the past 60 years, competitive sports in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region have made new breakthroughs, especially mountaineering. Tibet's sports industry has developed rapidly and obtained great achievements. In addition, following the idea of benefiting people by sports development, Tibet gives full play to special functions of sports, and constantly meets people's needs for sports, which is also a way to enhance the sense of well-being and happiness, according to Nyima Tsering, director of Sports Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region. 

Traditional Tibetan sports have been effectively passed down. 22 pieces of works including "Takring Horse Competition" and "Lhasa Kites" have been inscribed on the list of national and regional level intangible cultural heritage protections since 2016, which also lays a solid foundation for the development of Tibetan traditional sports. Sports such as Yajia and Beiga recommended by Tibet are also included in the National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities, and are effectively promoted.

Tibet has hosted the Lhasa venue of the 6th National Traditional Games of Ethnic Minorities in 1999. On this basis, the region has taken the development of traditional sports as a way to promote the normalization and branding of the national fitness activities, highlighted the national and regional characteristics, and actively built the national fitness system featuring “one place boasting one characteristic, one place boasting one brand”. Seven items such as "Nyingchi's shooting arrows" and "Nagqu horse competition festival" have been included in municipal-level brands of traditional items in national fitness system.

With strong regional characteristics and relatively small participation, some ethnic traditional sports items were faced with challenges. The Party and the state have attached great importance to the inheritance and development of excellent national traditional culture for decades. Through the hosting of traditional games of national minorities regularly and protection of traditional ethnic sports known as "living fossils", the culture of national minorities has regained its vitality. It also promotes the exchange and integration of different cultures. 

Tibet's traditional sport is a unique cultural phenomenon formed during the living and practice on the plateau. It includes traditional Tibetan sports featuring entertainment, performance and competition. With low requirements for site conditions and easy to master, it becomes a bridge for the exchanges and the important cornerstone for strengthening national unity and promoting Tibet's harmony and stability.

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