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Nyingchi makes achievements in cultural relics protection

By Liu Fang, Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2019年08月25日 09:48


Photo shows workers in Nyingchi City checking local cultural relics files and materials. [China Tibet News/Zhang Meng, Wang Shan, Shi Jinru]

Nyingchi of southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region has a rich history and culture. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the value and protection of cultural relics have become a social consensus, thus many achievements have been made.

Earnestly organizing and paying attention to the construction of key projects in cultural relics areas

In recent years, Nyingchi has completed final inspection and financial review work of Buchu Lhakhang, Lharu Temple, Drongmed Jorden Manor, Lhalung Monastery and other savable cultural relics protection projects, as well as the Lieshan Cemetery renovation and protection project, with a total investment of 30.39 million yuan RMB. At the same time, the pre-formalities for cultural relics protection and maintenance projects in the "13th Five-Year Plan", such as Rinchenbeng Temple, Xiuba Watchtower, Xinhua printing factory old site and so on, have been completed. Besides, Nyingchi's museum construction is actively carried out, which is one of the key projects in the "13th Five-Year Plan". Its first phase, with a total investment of 61,902,800 yuan RMB and a construction area of 111,113.84 m², has been completed. The second-phase decoration and display space planning and design scheme has passed the preliminary examination of the Cultural Relics Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region, too.

The protection and utilization of revolutionary cultural relics are vigorously promoted. The Zhamog Central County Committee Red House, which is located in Pome County Committee Compound of Nyingchi City, is a national key cultural relics protection unit. By making full use of existing equipment, technology and talents, the Cultural Relics Bureau of Pome County actively creates four carriers (publishing a book, shooting a documentary, preparing a venue and creating a play), and initial results have been achieved. Through a nationwide search among a batch of old comrades who have worked and lived in Pome, and some witnesses of history of the Red House, unique photos and information are collected, which let more people understand and know what happened in Pome County and Red House's history.

Improving professional level to ensure the safety of cultural relics

Nyingchi has organized county and district governments to hold five joint meetings on the safety of cultural relics in 2018, so as to comprehensively strengthen coordination and cooperation among governments at all levels and relevant departments. In addition, the building of teams for cultural relics safety is further strengthened. A database of administrative law enforcement personnel for cultural relics is set up to strengthen the ranks of full-time and part-time personnel. All state, region and county-level field cultural relics protection units in Nyingchi have 114 field cultural relics custodian personnel, who are provided with working clothes, work permits and a total subsidy of 1,915,200 yuan RMB.

Increasing funding to boost the development of cultural relics

The safety of cultural relics is the lifeline of cultural relics work. The party committees and governments at all levels in Nyingchi attach great importance to the protection of cultural relics and invest a large amount of money in the safety of cultural relics.

Nyingchi actively applies for a fund of 440,000 yuan RMB from the Cultural Relics Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region, which is used for the construction of lamp houses and the maintenance of cultural relics warehouses in four autonomous regional level cultural relics protection units such as Tashi CholingTemple and Lharu Temple. A total of 268,800 yuan RMB is applied for cultural undertakings in 2018, which is used as special subsidies for 16 field custodian personnel in 16 county-level cultural relics protection units. Funding for the protection of cultural relics is increased. In the past two years, a total of 5,328,380 yuan RMB has been spent on the protection and safety of cultural relics in the six counties and one district of Nyingchi.

Nowadays, cultural relics work has gradually become the context and resource of urban and rural development, making increasingly prominent contributions to economic and social development. To promote the creative transformation and development of fine traditional Chinese culture, and to carry forward the fine revolutionary culture, the political, historical and responsibility sense must be strengthened, the protection and utilization of cultural relics and the preservation and inheritance of cultural heritages must be continued, so as to create new splendor in the cultural development of Nyingchi.

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