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Traditional folk culture remains vibrant

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-08-30

With the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength and the improvement of cultural soft power, people's cultural confidence is surging at the same time. Though traditional Chinese folk culture has gone through a tortuous journey, it still remains vibrant now, which is vividly reflected in various cultural festivals and tourism festivals held across the country. Traditional culture become a precious treasure and cultural economy and tourism economy become another important economic growth pole.

Tibet has a splendid history and profound cultural background. Many unique traditional folk culture festivals such as Shoton Festival and Ongkor Festial are held here every year. What's more, Lhoka is known as the cradle of Tibetan culture. At present, how to develop the traditional folk culture resources and let the mass live on tourism and culture industry is the main issue that the government and society should take into account.

Developing characteristic advantages, creating cultural brands

For example, as the cradle of Tibetan culture, Lhoka City should fully develop the unique regional culture characteristics and create the brand of "China Tibet Yarlung Cultural Festival" which is an important platform for Lhoka to go in and outside Tibet.

Innovating content and form

During cultural activities held in every period, on the premise of keeping their own characteristics, they must keep pace with The times, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit and constantly add new elements so as to atrract more people to take part in. For example, with continuous innovation, Yarlung Cultural Festival is a big event that involves artistic performance, sport games, leisure tourism and trade negotiation.

Strengthening organization and leadership, building a harmonious environment

The successfully conduction of a large-scale activity should have strong organizational leadership core. Now in the climate of thriftiness, doing more with less becomes a trend. Only with harmonious atmosphere, activities can attract tourists and investors, and the value of cultural resources can be developed.

Mobilizing media, publicizing with the help of various platforms

In today's information society, to improve the visibility and reputation of traditional folk culture, propaganda work should be paid attention to. With the help of traditional media such as newspaper, broadcast, and television, and new media platforms such as internet, microblog and wechat, press conference and internet broadcast are held to expand the propagation and influence of traditional folk culture.

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