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Tibetan Chess Association established

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-08-31

On August 28, the first Tibetan Chess Association in China was established and its founding conference was held in Tibet Hotel in Lhasa, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Tibetan chess is mainly divided into "Mimang" and "Jiuqi". Mimang is popular in Tibet's upper class. However, due to various historical reasons, it is on the edge of extinction and needs retrievable protection. Jiuqi's popularization area is the largest and most people in Tibet can play this kind of Tibetan chess, says Shangtao, chairman of Tibetan Chess Association.

By putting forward Tibetan chess projects, the traditional cultural protection can be achieved. In addition, Tibetan Chess Association aims to declare Tibetan chess as autonomous region level and state level intangible cultural heritage. On the basis of holding Tibetan chess activities across the country, national games and seminars will also be held so as to let Tibetan chess be included in the official events of national minorities games.

The goal of Tibetan Chess Association is to unify Tibetan chess enthusiasts, positively carry forward various kinds of inheritance, protection, research, popularization and promotion work, improve competitive level, promote material civilization and spiritual civilization construction, and push the healthy and continuous development of Tibetan chess career. Now Tibetan Chess Association's individual members are 100 and group members are 20, who are all engaged in promoting relative research, inheritance and protection work, as well as promoting Tibetan chess games' reviving and development.

It is said that the popularization and performance activities of Tibetan chess will be held during this year's Shoton Festival and the 3rd China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo. At the same time, the declaration work of Tibetan chess as intangible culture heritage is under way.

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