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Tibet’s tourism becomes pillar industry

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2016-08-31

Through 30 years development, start from scratch, and expand from small to big, Tibet's tourism realizes the span from initial reception career to general economical industry and then to pillar industry, according to the second press conference of the third China Tibet Tourism and Culture Expo. The tourism industry has become the pillar industry that promotes Tibet's economical development. In the previous 7 months, Tibet received 11.7298 million tourists and the total income of tourism reached 16.066 billion yuan.

"Tibet's tourism industry started in the 1980s. The central government and Tibet Autonomous Region have always paid high attention to the development of Tibet's tourism industry. Early on the 5th Tibet Work Forum, the central government put forward to build Tibet as important world tourism destination and Chinese ethnic culture protection site. By continuously increasing investment in policy, project, fund and talent, it not only points out the direction but also provides guarantee for the tourism industry's development as well as culture inheritance and protection," says Xiao Chuanjiang, party secretary of Tibet Tourism Development Committee.

Now tourism is an important channel for the masses to obtain employment and increase income. What's more, it is a key window to demonstrate the new change, new life and new development of socialist new Tibet. By the end of 2015, there are nearly 2000 tourism companies in Tibet and the fixed assets are 20 billion yuan. The total employment personnel of tourism economy reaches 320000, among which farmers and herdsmen is over 97000. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, Tibet received 67.8988 million tourists, an average annual increase of 23.4%. The tourism revenue is 87.464 billion yuan, an average annual increase of 30.5%.

By the end of 13th Five Year Plan, Tibet strives to receive 30 million tourists and the total income of tourism industry is expected to reach 55 billion yuan. In addition, the employment personnel of tourism economy will reach 500000. Farmers and herdsmen who participate in tourism can reach 190000 and their annual net income can be 16000 yuan per capita.

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