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15th Nyingchi Peach Cultural & Tourism Festival kicks off on Mar 25

By Zhu Shan Source:China Tibet News 2017年02月21日 10:14

2017 Nyingchi Peach Cultural and Tourism Festival will kick off in Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, on March 25.

In recent years, Nyingchi has focused on the construction of International ecotourism zone and all-region tourism demonstration zone. Through pushing forward the development of the pillar industry in ecotourism strategy, Nyingchi achieves great improvement. Since the beginning of this year, Nyingchi has striven to realize the scale development of tourism industry, standardization of tourism service, improvement of A-class scenic spots and three-dimensional promotion, accelerating the upgrade of Nyingchi’s all-region tourism.

During the period of 15th Nyingchi Peach Cultural and Tourism Festival, Nyingchi will focus on the promotion of rich resources and carry out a series of interesting activities including photography show, folk sports activity and food tasting activity, which will advance the cooperation between tourism and some distinctive industries such as culture, farming, animal husbandry and Tibetan medicine. Peach flower festival becomes an important bridge for propagandizing Nyingchi, promoting Nyinghci and enhancing Nyingchi's image.

The opening ceremony of 15th Nyingchi Peach Cultural and Tourism Festival will be held in Gala Village, Nyingchi of southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, on March 25.

Peach online live show

Date: 10:00 a.m of Mar 25

Place: Gala Village of Bayi District, Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region

Through the online live show, audiences on line could watch the opening ceremony of this peach flower festival and enjoy beautiful scenery of peach village.

“Love in peach village” photography show

Date: March 25-Apirl 4

Place: Nyingchi mass art museum's square

Photos on display mainly show Nyingchi's nature scenery, historic sites, human customs and social development of recent years. The photography show will create a good cultural atmosphere by presenting Nyingchi's beautiful nature scenery and unique customs.

Folk sports activity

Date: Mar 25-28

Place: Gala Village

Citizens and tourists will experience traditional folk sports activities of Gongbo gyamda.

Food tasting activity

Date: Mar 25-30

Place: Gala Village

Local food, folk traditional food and a series of new products related to peach, supported by tourism companies, restaurants and hotels, will be on show.

Nyingchi peach music gala

Date: 10:00 a.m of April 2

Place: Menling County

Artists from both home and abroad will perform folk music at the music gala.

Dating activity for the youth

Date: 10:00 a.m of March 26

Place: Gala Village

This activity provides a platform for the youth to show themselves and make friends.

Wedding photographic activity

Date: February 14-March 24

Through the integration of tradition and fashion, this activity will create peach wedding-themed tourism products.

Third “Peach Beauty” competition

Date: February 10-March 20

This activity aims to select Nyingchi's tourism image ambassador.

The creation activity of theme music

Famous song writers from home and abroad will attend the peach flower festival, experience Nyingchi's culture and create songs.


Photo shows the opening ceremony of Nyingchi Peach Cultural and Tourism Festival. [Photo/China Tibet News]


Photo shows Nyingchi's folk sports activity during the period of Nyingchi Peach Cultural and Tourism Festival. [Photo/China Tibet News]


Photo shows the "Peach Beauty" competition. [Photo/China Tibet News]


Photo shows the art performances at the opening ceremony of Nyingchi Peach Cultural and Tourism Festival. [Photo/China Tibet News]


Photo shows that a tourist takes photos of peach flowers in Gala Village of Nyingchi, southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. [Photo/China Tibet News]


Photo shows wild peach trees. [Photo/China Tibet News]

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