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Gurum Zanba Tourism Cultural Festival to be held on Sep. 2

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2017年09月01日 12:27

Maintaining the traditional operation mode of watermill processing, Gurum zanba has long been known in Tibet and it also drives the local economic development.

To let more people know Gurum Zanba, the 1st Gurum Zanba Tourism Cultural Festival will be held on September 2 in Gurum Town of Doilungdeqen District, Lhasa City, Tibet Autonomous Region.

This festival will last for only one day and it aims to propagate zanba culture. During the festival, summit forum will be held to discuss the origin of zanba, its impact on Tibetans' daily life and the nutritive value of zanba.

In addition, gastronomy show will also be held during the festival. Various kinds of food which takes zanba as raw material will be made on the site. People can taste and vote according to their preferences. Contestant who secure the highest number of votes can get the title of "zanba gourmet master".

Besides, eating zanba game will be held. People on the spot can also have the opportunity to be invited to take part in the blessing ceremony by throwing zanba.

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