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Tibet full of festive atmosphere

By Zhi Xinghua Source:China Tibet News 2018年01月22日 11:06

As the Tibetan New Year approaches, Tibet is permeated with a strong festive atmosphere.

"Kapse" and "Losar Metog", both essential elements of Tibetan New Year, are sold everywhere in Tibet. "Kapse" is fried dough that is made up of wheat flour, butter, salt and other ingredients, and it comes in different shapes and forms. "Losar Metog" means New Year flower in Tibetan language and it is hand-made and colorful grain ear, symbolizing a good harvest new year.


Photo taken on January 17 shows workers frying "Kapse" in Lhasa City. [China Tibet News/Losang,Phentok]


Photo taken on January 18 shows villagers of Doilungdeqen District making "Losar Metog". [China Tibet News/Li Zhou]

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