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Photos of Nagqu's 15th Animal Husbandry Fair

By 朱杉 Source:xzxw.com 2022-02-09


Photo shows the exhibitor showing the handmade hat to customers at the trade fair.


Photo shows the custormer purchasing goods at the trade fair.


Photo shows the customer paying for the goods at the trade fair.


Photo shows the customer showing a deepest affection to the goods at the trade fair.


Photo shows people purchasing Tibetan medicine at the trade fair.

Nagqu's 15th Animal Husbandry Fair kicked off on December 10 of 2021 in Nagqu City, southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region. This trade fair will last for five days. It is one of major measures for increasing local income, and consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation will be effectively aligned with rural revitalization. 

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