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New orchid species discovered in Xizang Autonomous Region

Source:Global Times 2023-12-15

According to the Xizang Daily, researchers have recently discovered a new species of orchid in Motuo, Southwest China's Xizang Autonomous Region. Orchids are one of the most diverse families of flowering plants, and are considered a flagship group for biodiversity conservation.
The genus Neottia, also known as bird's-nest orchids, consists of approximately 80 species worldwide, with around 45 species recorded in China.
In 2019, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration launched a national survey of orchids. In August 2023, the Xizang Orchid Research Team discovered an unknown species of the genus Neottia near the Yarlung Zangbu River in Motuo county.
Through morphological studies, the team confirmed that it is a new species of the genus Neottia, and named it Kuhlhasseltia motuoensis after Motuo.
So far, five wild populations of the Nyingchi Duiye Orchid have been discovered, and the research team has assessed its conservation status as "the least concerned."
The discovery of the orchid not only enriches the plant resources of the Neottia genus in China, but also further reflects the big diversity of species in Motuo.

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