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Information of Tibet's largest lake to be recorded

Source:Xinhua 2015年08月25日 09:52

Serling Tso Lake, the largest lake in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region, is being surveyed by Yangtze River Water Resources Commission's hydrological bureau and Tibet regional hydrological bureau, sources with the commission said on Sunday.

This is the first comprehensive field study on the lake, said Tan Liang, a vice chief engineer with the commission.

Basic information, including the lake's depth as well as its underwater and bank terrain will be recorded, according to Tan.

With an altitude of over 4,530 meters, Serling Tso Lake reportedly replaced Namtso as the largest lake in Tibet in 2014 as a result of melting glaciers and increased rain resulted in its rapid expansion.

Serling Tso measured 2,391 square kilometers in June 2014, 369 square km larger than Namtso, making it the second biggest salt lake in China.

The project, which began in early July, is still ongoing.

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