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Tibet invested 130 million yuan RMB in protecting drinking water sources

By Gao Junxia Source:China Tibet News 2015年11月25日 17:05

Up to now, Tibet has totally invested 130 million yuan RMB in 101 drinking water source protection projects, covering 74 counties in the region.

Ngari prefecture implemented 6 drinking water source protection projects with daily water intake of 3,280 tons, which benefits over 46,800 people and ensures the safety of people’s water supply.

In the past ten years, Tibet accumulatively implemented eco-complensation funds of 1.4557 billion yuan RMB from central finance.

It is reported that Tibet has set up 47 various nature reserve areas. Wetland reserves covered 4.308 million hectares, accounting for two-third of the region' s natural wetland areas.

Besides, a series of measures were taken to conduct wildlife conservation and air quality monitor, which also made great achievements and strengthened the region' s green ecological enviroment.

Tibet, known as “river source” and “ecological source”, takes momentous eco-position in our country and even in the world. According to the assessment report from Qinghai-Tibet Plateau institute of Chinese Acadamy of Sciences, Tibet is still one of the areas with the best ecological environment.

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